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About Us

Why is “Reformed” included in our name?

Reformed has its origin in the 16th Century Reformation, at which time the Church was reformed by a returning to the Bible as the rule for all of life. We seek also to be continually Reforming, that is, continually turning and returning to God’s Word to direct our lives.

Creeds & Confessions

The main teachings of the Bible have been summarized in documents called creeds or confessions. Of the many creeds that have appeared throughout the history of the Christian church, we have chosen to adopt three creeds and three confessions as our own. We consider these creeds to be faithful summaries of the Word of God. As human documents, however, they possess human authority. Only the Word of God possesses divine authority. The contents of our creeds and confessions are always subject to and to be tested by the standard of the Word of God.


Three Forms of Unity


The young people in our church receive catechism instruction in which they are taught about the doctrine of the church. These classes begin most often at the age of twelve years and continue until such a time as these young members express a desire to publicly profess their faith and be admitted to the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. In these classes the Heidelberg Catechism is used as the teaching guide and at the senior levels, the Belgic Confession and Canons of Dort are used.

Bible Studies

The study of God’s Word by all members is an ongoing activity in our Church. It begins in the early fall, continues throughout the winter months and concludes in late spring. During this time a book of the Bible is usually studied in an in depth manner.